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How to Choose & Order from a Catalogue

Placing orders online via catalogue is a great way to shop. When you are going to use credit to shop online, you want to make sure you choose the right form of credit and the right credit card companies to go through. So, before you do apply, consider a few of these factors to make the right decision.

What do you buy?

If you buy home goods, if you are buying furniture, or if you are buying other high-priced items, make sure you go through a credit card which offers extended repayment periods, or interest-free for longer durations. Because these are costly items, if you only have 3 to 6-months to repay, you likely won’t pay the balance in full and will incur heft interest rates. If you go with a card that allows you 12, 24, 36, or even 48-months (or longer) to repay, you will simply pay the balance of the items you are purchasing and avoid those interest rates. So, align the cards you apply for, with the order total of items you are going to buy.

Consider returns

Do you travel often? Stay at hotels? Go on mini-holidays? If so, look for rewards cards. Not only will you accrue points you can use towards future travel dates, you’ll also have the freedom and liberty to upgrade to nicer rooms or fly first class the next time you do travel. Make sure you compare travel cards for higher rewards, those which offer more points (and possibly offer 50,000 points if you spend a certain amount in the first year), and other perks, when you do use your card.

Consider cash back cards

If you shop often at grocery stores or buy items for the home, many cards offer cash back on the items you buy most. So, look for cards which offer 1% back on gas, 5% back on dining out, or 3% back on groceries. No matter what you shop for most, when you use your card, you are going to be rewarded, and receive money back, for the items you have to buy regardless. So, consider a few cash back options when applying for different credit cards to shop with.

It is also a good idea to look for cards that offer membership perks. Maybe you get free upgrades with an airline card including free drinks or meals. Or, with some cash back cards, you can use your rewards immediately. Make sure you consider these factors when applying for different cards you will use, when shopping online via catalogue sites.

There are hundreds of credit cards you can use when shopping through different online catalogue sites. Because of this, you have to know which ones work best, for items you are going to buy. Before you choose a card, and catalogue, consider a few of these factors, to ensure you make the right decision, and are earning the most in return, for items you are going to purchase through different online sites.

Things to Consider

For those who are new to catalogue shopping, you might be eager to purchase as much as possible relying on buy now, pay later, or paying at a later date in full. Although this is a great way to save up front, if you don’t choose the right catalogues, or if you overspend and get in over your head, you can easily get in trouble, and have a hard time making your payments on time. So, before you start spending erratically, these are a few things you must consider.

The interest rates

Just because something is buy now pay later doesn’t mean you won’t incur interest rates; in fact, you will pay interest on these purchases. And, they are oftentimes as much as, if not more than you’ll pay with a credit card lender. So, make sure you understand financing terms, rates, and buy now pay later schemes, prior to ordering.

Know repayment terms

Some lenders offer you the option to defer payments for 6 or 12-months and pay in full at the end of the term. However, with these lenders, you’ll have to spend a minimum of £500 or more to receive this payment option. With others, there’s buy now pay later. You’d simply apply for financing and would be approved for repayment either for a period of 6, 12, 24, 36, 48-months, or other terms. With these options, you often don’t have to pay anything down. There is also the option to put down a minimum down payment and spread across equal monthly payments. Every lender differs, so understand their terms before you spend.

Know the penalties

This is one of the ways catalogues really get customers who are late on payments. Oftentimes, if you miss or are late, you not only lose your interest-free promotions or other specials, you will pay extremely high late payments, and penalties as well. So, ask catalogues about this before you borrow, and understand what the penalties and terms are, in the event of missed or late payments.

How much can you spend (and what are purchase limits)

With catalogues, in order to finance you typically have to spend a minimum of £50 in order to finance purchases. There are also restrictions on items you can’t/can buy, and other factors to consider before you buy. Understand your limits, restrictions, and terms, to ensure the best deals when you buy.

When financing, also inquire about free shipping, returns, and other promotions. Most catalogues offer them, but you have to ask if you want to receive them. With several catalogue sites, some will offer better promotions than others.

With any catalogue, you can save, and you can get the most out of your online ordering, if you know what your financing, and what terms you are agreeing to. So, before you start spending, or overspending as is often the case with those who are new to catalogue shopping, consider these important factors, in order to know you’re getting the best deals, terms, and savings, when ordering via your favorite catalogues.

Payment Methods Accepted by Catalogues

Every online catalogue has different terms. One might offer free shipping or next-day delivery, while the next offers interest-free financing and zero-down at the time of purchase. Before placing an order, customers should fully understand the terms for any catalogue they plan to order with, to ensure the greatest shopping experience, and most affordable items are found when shopping online.

Terms of service

Nearly every catalogue will have terms of service for its customers. If you finance with the site, these terms will inform customers of:

  • Repayment terms.
  • Delivery and returns.
  • Financing (buy now pay later, zero-down, payment in full).
  • Credit approval/denial, and how to fight a denial.

You should read all terms, especially if you plan on financing the purchase of items, to avoid “surprises.” Not only will this ensure customers find what they are looking for, but also the best prices.

Some things customers should look for when ordering via catalogue includes:

  • Free delivery of items. And, next-day delivery when orders are placed.
  • A low order limit (£50 or less) for free delivery.
  • Installation and repairs.
  • The option to buy or rent items.
  • Free returns if customers aren’t happy.

With so much competition, most catalogues try to cater to customers, and offer more perks or incentives, for them to choose their site over others. Therefore, only by comparing these different features/purchase terms, will customers find exactly what they are looking for, and the best prices, when ordering online.

Customers should also understand credit/financing. With nearly every catalogue, the customer is applying for financing with a third-party credit card company. So, their credit score will be checked in order to determine the credit limit the customer will be approved for. Further, this will be used to determine if interest free options are offered, and how many months customers will have to repay the purchase price of items they are ordering online.

Customers should understand payment methods. Oftentimes, financing doesn’t require anything down at the time of purchase. Many cards to have settlement fees if customers prepay on their account, in order to avoid interest fees. With some catalogues, there are limits as to what can be purchased using financing, and which items qualify for interest-free or zero-down payment. Make sure you understand these terms, and read the fine print, to ensure you know what you’re paying for, and how much you are actually going to pay (with the inclusion of interest/fees).

There are so many catalogues which offer financing to its customers. Therefore, it is important to understand what each catalogue specialises in, and how their terms of service are laid out, to avoid those hidden fees and surprises. These are a few of the many factors customers need to consider, if they choose to shop online, and rely on catalogue financing when placing orders with different online sites and catalogues, and always receive the lowest price and best financing/payment terms, on all items they are ordering with different sites.

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What makes a good catalogue?

There are so many online catalogues from which you can place online orders, but what makes a good catalogue? How do you know you’re really getting the best deals when placing an online order? Are there things you should look out for before ordering? Before placing an online catalogue order, if you are new to online shopping, these are some things to look for, to ensure you are dealing with a reputable site.


Sites like Grattan, Witt-International,, and (among others) have been in business for years. They have a solid reputation. This is what you want to look for when shopping via catalogues. There are hundreds of sites which sell items online. However, you want to research these sites, their reputation, customer satisfaction, guarantees/warranties, and promises the site makes, to ensure you’re dealing with a trustworthy vendor.


Look for sites which offer various financing terms. With buy now pay later, most sites offer 6 or 12-month repayment. For higher-priced items, many offers up to 60-months to repay. In addition to this, look for interest-free financing for orders of £250 or more (which will vary with each site). Look for perks, promotions, specials, and other savings available. The best sites have a steady customer base, so they aren’t going to make false claims in trying to sell you something. Make sure you know this when comparing online catalogue sites.


You want to shop with a specialised catalogue for items like electricals, appliances, clothing, and nearly anything else you buy. So, choose those specialist sites, but also look for those with high-inventory and product selection. The more you have to choose from, the greater your savings, and the easier it’ll be for you to find what you want.

Rotating inventory

Major catalogues continually update their site; in fact, they offer new products and thousands of items online, on a weekly basis. This is something that shows you the catalogue is reliable, carries the top name-brands, and will always have the latest items available for you to order.

Of course, you want to compare pricing, deliveries, return policies, and more. A good catalogue caters to the customer; and, they will have a steady customer-base, so won’t try to oversell you, or offer promotions which really don’t exist. In order to ensure you are dealing with reputable catalogues, and find what you’re looking for, for less, these are a few things you should consider, when comparing different catalogue vendors online.

The more time you take to compare sites, the easier it is going to be to find what you want to buy, quality items, and the best prices. But, when you compare catalogues, you’ll also find the most reliable and trusted sites. If you’re new to catalogue shopping, these are a few of the many factors you need to consider, to ensure you find what you want, and are ordering with a trusted online vendor as well, when the time comes to place your orders with any catalogue you eventually choose to order through.



Brighthouse catalogue carries the latest appliances, ranging from the latest smart-home entertainment, to computing technology for the ultimate gamer. Purchasers have the option to buy now, pay later, allowing them to purchase more items up front, and pay down the purchase price over time.

The catalogue isn’t limited to electronics and appliances. You can find sofas and dining room furniture, big-screen TVs, music systems, TV stands, and furniture for the entire home. Regardless of whether you’re designing a man-cave, or the perfect home studio for your music obsession, Brighthouse has you covered.

Shoppers have a number of buy now, pay later and financing options from which to choose. Continually updated offers and new sales and promos are often introduced, so customers know when to shop for the best deals.

When furnishing a living room, dining room, or simply updating the appliances and home-entertainment products in your home, this is a top contender in catalogue shopping. Visiting new customers can apply for credit, browse the online catalogue, and find the deals which are best going to work for them (and their budget), when getting ready to update the home, or any single room in the home with new furnishings.

Perfect Home

The pay-weekly payment store is the perfect catalogue site for those who want to pay off different items in a short period of time and avoid high-interest charges. A new sofa and loveseat seat, new home theater system, washing machine and dryer, or new appliances for the home, are a few of the items customers can find on the catalogue site.

How does it work? The process couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the site, choose the products you want to add to your shopping cart, complete an online application, and have items delivered to your home (as soon as next day).

Credit, income, and other factors are used to determine eligibility for pay-weekly financing. And, you’ll receive instant notification of approval and how much you can spend. With free delivery and setup, your home will have all new appliances, furnishings, and entertainment throughout, for a reasonable price, which you can pay off over time.

Reasonable interest rates, repayment terms, and instant approval, along with free shipping and returns, are a few perks customers who choose to shop with Perfect Home are bound to appreciate, whether buying one item, or furnishing and updating the entire home via the online catalogue site.
perfect home


Discount catalogue prices, for your favorite brands, and nearly any category you can think of, can easily be found on Visitors can choose from men, women, and children’s clothing, bedroom furnishings, new appliances and electricals, a home theater system, or even outdoor equipment for mowing and trimming the lawn, are items you can find through the catalogue site.

Studio offers various catalogues. Among these are, seasonal discounts, bedroom furnishings, gifts, new year sales, and monthly updates. So, you can always find the latest deal, and updated savings throughout, for the items you want to purchase online.

Online payments are also extremely simplified once you are a buy now, pay later account holder. Customers can pay with traditional credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), or can choose the spread my payment option on the site. Simply creating an account allows you to set up your payment terms, and repayment period, based upon what you can afford each month.

For those who love shopping, love to save, and want flexible payment terms and options, Studio is a great site to consider. With consumer goods in nearly any category, and for any shopper, and continually updated deals, you’ll always find what you’re looking for, for a great bargain price.

La Redoute is the premier site to shop for men, women’s, and children’s fashions, when looking for that ‘French-inspired’ theme. From runway styles, designer dresses, lingerie, shoes, to new linens for your home, the catalogue site carries it all.

A great feature on the site is the flash-sale on the homepage. New items are introduced routinely, providing customers deeper discounts on the hottest items they want to buy. Add in the buy now, pay later financing options to pay weekly or monthly, and you won’t find better deals, for themed/inspired clothing online.

The site offers free delivery worldwide, 30-days to try a product, and return it if you aren’t happy with it, and secured online payment options. Payments can be made by credit card, or a account. New customers receive 30% off their entire order when placing a first-time order on the site as well. Customers can simply log into their account to see their balance and make payments on their account.

For that French-inspired theme, for the family, or for the home, La Redoute is a great site to shop with. Simplistic catalogue shopping, large inventory, outlet items, and the site promotes great financing and discount options are routinely offered for customers.
la redoute


It is one of the oldest UK-catalogue sites and one of the most reputable. It sells a broad range of products from women’s fashions, men’s clothing, to designer styles for the kids. You can buy linens, new gaming systems, appliances and electricals, or outdoor gardening tools.

In addition to a broad range of products, customers will consistently find rotating inventory introduced on a weekly basis, with thousands of new items introduced weekly. This means you’ll always find the latest items, for any season, and affordable pricing throughout. allows customers to spread the cost of their purchase. Anyone who is older than 18 can apply for an account, and instant approval is provided. Customers can pay weekly or monthly, based upon their minimum payment amount on the site. Free shipping, next day delivery, and free returns on items, is also a great perk for customers. New account holders also receive a first-order discount on the site.

Whether you shop frequently, want to shop for the entire family in one place, or simply love to find a great deal, Look Again has what you are looking for. Affordable prices, and 100s of designer name brands also makes it an attractive catalogue to shop with.


Women’s clothing and footwear, over 45000 new products introduced monthly, fashion and clothing for men and children, sport & leisure goods, gifts, house & garden, and personalised items, are among the broad list of categories found at

A personal account affords customers with convenient ways to pay. And, with no payment down, and shipping offered next day, you can order an item online, without having to pay for it, and have it as soon as the next morning in your home. 7-day delivery and free returns is another great feature the catalogue provides to its customers.

Customers who open a new account can buy now and pay later (weekly or monthly) or buy now and pay up to 12 months in advance. Depending on credit, income, and other factors, different financing terms are presented to different customers.

The catalogue offers convenient ways to repay, and a simplistic shopping experience, with nearly anything imaginable in one place. Affordability, online reputation, and thousands of brand-name items found online, and updated weekly, are just a few of the many benefits new (and old) Freemans customers will enjoy every time they visit the site and place an online order with the catalogue site.
dial a tv

Dial a TV

Rent the latest appliances, electricals, and electronics; this is what you’ll find when you visit Rent a washing and drying machine set for your home, choose new game consoles, or choose the latest smartphone, and pay it off over an extended period of time. Regardless of what you’re looking for in appliances, electricals, and electronics, Dial a TV has it.

Rental items for prices are as low as a few pounds per week when placing orders on the catalogue site. The online application process couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the site, place your order, and confirm via telephone. You’ll be instantly approved and receive your credit limit. Once the order is placed, your items are delivered free of charge, and may arrive as soon as next day. You’ll receive your monthly statement online and can make payments directly to your account weekly or monthly online.

Dial a TV customers don’t have to worry about costly repair prices or complex installation and upgrade work; this is offered as part of your services as a customer. Applications, installation, and upgrading to the latest electricals for your home, couldn’t be easier. If you are the type of person who loves having the latest, best, and newest gadgets, look no further.

Bon Prix

At, you can find the latest in clothing and fashion. New shoes, designer dresses, new clothing for the kids, or accessories for your spouse, are a few of the many items the site carries. Continually rotating and updated inventory is a nice perk for those who love owning the latest clothing and accessories.

New customers who sign up for an account are eligible for first-time order discount. Customers can place orders today, and receive items as early as next day, free of charge. Free returns are also provided if you aren’t happy with your purchase. Plus size, petite, and any size in between can be found online, so anyone can find the perfect designer look in their size.

The catalogue introduces new inventory weekly, so you’ll always find the latest styles and fashions for any season. Add in affordability, designer names, and buy now, pay later financing options you can afford, and this reputable online catalogue is one you’ll continually return to as an online shopper. If you know how to time your purchases and find seasonal discounts, you can save even more when the time comes to place orders on the site.
bon prix


The catalogue is a great site, which is easy to navigate. It introduces the latest items directly on the homepage, so you can always find the latest style for any season. Visiting allows customers to seamlessly search all categories, and types of products, based upon personal needs.

Applying for credit takes a matter of minutes. And, once approved, you can buy today, and pay later. The site offers free delivery, next day service, free installation, and setup. Depending on the amount of the purchase total when placing orders, there are more discounts/promos offered, and financing terms can be spread out over a longer repayment period in many cases.

If you aren’t happy with something, you can return it, free of charge, and have a new item shipped out free of charge. Promo codes are constantly updated and located directly on the homepage, so you always know what’s hot, and what’s on sale. So, you’ll always find the best deals when shopping with this catalogue site.

A simple layout, easy to navigate site, and great deals, are just a few of the many benefits Kaleidoscope customers will enjoy, when shopping for new clothing and styles with the online catalogue site.

Witt International

You can transform your wardrobe overnight when you become a customer. New customers can claim a reward, which is updated regularly, once they become a new account holder on the site. Application takes a matter of minutes, and instant approval allows you to shop today and have items delivered tomorrow.

On first-time orders, up to 20% discount and free shipping is being offered, and promos for new customers are continually introduced. Buy now, pay later is offered on a weekly and monthly basis. The catalogue caters to men, women, children fashions, designer name clothing, and well-being/beauty and healthcare products.

Customers can also sign up to become a member of the newsletter, which will send out updates, discounts, promos, and upcoming sales. So, the next time customers place an order, they can save even more on the items they are ordering.

With Witt-International, you can find designer name styles, rotating inventory, and great buy now, pay later terms, on anything you order. Simplistic shopping, quality items, and reasonable financing rates/terms, make it an attractive catalogue for the online shopper. For updated inventory and new promos, customers can visit the site routinely for the latest product listings and updated discounts available to account holders.
witt international


Catalogue shopping is a great way to save, find more items, and buy designer name-brands, for less than you would at high-street shops and boutiques. However, many customers who are new to catalogue shopping have questions about how it works. So, here are a few common questions and answers, as it relates to catalogue shopping.

How do I order online?

What is buy now, pay later?

As the words imply, you order items now, and pay for them over an extended period of time. For some catalogues, this is up to 12-months or longer. For others, they offer zero interest if you pay off the full purchase price over 6-months (or other terms). With this option, you don’t have to put anything down, and simply pay the equal weekly or monthly installments, based on your line of credit and account type.

How often do I pay?

Catalogues offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payment options. Some even offer periods where you order, don’t make any payments for 6 to 12-months, and at the maturation date, repay the product in full. You have to visit different catalogue sites, compare their terms, repayment options, and interest rates, to find what works best for you.

Do I have to buy?

No, there are catalogues which offer rental, or rent to buy. Sites like are great examples. Here you’ll pay about £2-3 per week for electricals and major appliances. You don’t have to worry about repair, maintenance, or damages. You simply rent, and once paid, you return the items if you want to upgrade.

How long are repayment terms?

Each catalogue has their own rules. Some offer zero down, interest free, if paid in full within 60-months for items valued at £1500 or more (or other values). Some catalogues simply offer straight financing, for 6 or 12-months, and charge a monthly interest rate. Every catalogue is different, and each consistently has new promos and saving options. To find what works best you should compare a few different sites, to ensure the best rates, promos, and items you want to buy online.

Catalogue shopping is easy, convenient, and affordable. When you are getting ready to place an order, there are hundreds of catalogues you can choose to order from in the UK. So, before you choose one, do your research. Not only will you find better prices and more selection, you can often find many repayment terms, to ensure you find what works best for you, and what will result in the greatest savings when you do order items online.